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Hatha Flow

hatha yoga

Hatha Flow

Hatha Flow is a complete package involving breath, body, and mind and making them work together for better health. Ideal for beginners with advanced levels available for advanced learners.

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is all about healing by cleansing the prana (vital energy). It's a no-contact, purifying therapy system cleans the prana to heal ailments and provide solutions for day-to-day problems.

Seniors Yoga

senior yoga in gordon and north turramurra

Seniors Yoga

A special package comprising slow and gentle movements aimed to help restore the body back to its normal flexibility
and mobility. A great favourite with
senior citizens.

A special package comprising slow and gentle movements aimed to help restore the body back to its normal flexibility and mobility. A great favourite with senior citizens.

Private Yoga

Private Yoga

Private yoga session is a great option for first time yogis, those with minimal experience, or those returning to practice after a long break.

Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga

Our teachers are trained professionals and able to support your staff with burnout prevention strategies, stress reduction, employee absenteeism, and general worker morale.

Teachers Yoga

Teachers Only Yoga

This package is designed to help teachers by giving them an outlet for the daily stresses and frustrations of teaching. It also equips them with strategies to stay calm during chaotic moments.

A special package comprising slow and gentle movements aimed to help restore the body back to its normal flexibility and mobility. A great favourite with senior citizens.


yoga for Improves strength & flexibility

Improves strength
& flexibility

yoga for reduce stress

Reduces stress

yoga for boost immune system

Boosts immune system

yoga for Improves joints health protects spine

Improves joints health
protects spine

yoga for Improves posture and protects spine

Improves posture
protects spine

yoga for Improves concentration

Improves concentration
helps focus

yoga for Keeps allergies at bay

Keeps allergies at bay

yoga for Enhances peace of mind

Enhances peace of mind

yoga for Lowers blood pressure

Lowers blood pressure


Yoga classes in Gordon
& Norh Turramurra

Yoga classes in Gordon
& North Turramurra

Is Yoga for everyone? How is it different from a workout?
At Mystique Moksha we face such questions regularly at our Yoga studios in Gordon and North Turramurra. The answer is simple – whatever age or fitness level you are, there are Yoga exercises just right for you. More than a workout to stretch and strengthen your body, Yoga also helps focus your mind, relax your spirit, and creates a calming experience.

At Mystique Moksha, we offer a variety of yoga classes for beginners, intermediate, advanced, for kids and for older active adults. All classes are run by qualified Yoga teachers. Call us now or just click here to book a class.




In Yoga, the Koshas (also called sheaths or casings) are considered the energetic layers of our body that surround our soul. The physical body composes the outermost layer, while the innermost layer contains your bliss body, or soul. Here is a brief introduction to the 5 Koshas:


The annamaya kosha is the physical sheath that composes the outer layer. It’s sometimes referred to as the food sheath.


The pranamaya kosha is the vital energy, breath, or life force sheath. In Sanskrit, the word “prana” refers to life force and is the word for breath.


The manomaya kosha is contained within the annamaya and pranamaya koshas. It acts as a messenger, bringing experiences and sensations from the outer world into your intuitive body.

5 kohas in yoga


The vijnanamaya kosha is the astral or psychic body that’s your seat of intuition. It is also known as the awareness or wisdom sheath.


The anandamaya kosha is referred to as the bliss body. It’s the deepest and subtlest of all layers — so much so that some people even say you can’t use words to describe it. Instead, it must be felt and experienced.



The Yoga classes at Mystique Moksha are great for our students. But we believe in giving them more! Retreats by Mystique Moksha are extremely popular because they give all of us a chance to get away to an exotic place and soak in the atmosphere while learning more about our body and soul through intensive workshops conducted on location. Our students come back energised and more in tune with their inner self as well the world around.

Sounds like a good idea? Write to us on to enquire about our next retreat!

retreats by mystique moksha

International Day of Yoga

Day of Yoga

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I love all the classes at Mystique Moksha but wanted to make particular mention of the fabulous Parent-Child yoga class. Nivriti recently donated her time to deliver this class to a group of mothers and daughters at a local community group. It was a fabulous class both for the adults and children and also a great opportunity for bonding between the generations. As far as I am aware, this is a unique offering in the local area and Nivriti does a great job with it.

Catherine Seal

Nivriti is a wonderful yoga teacher. She is deeply committed to the traditions and philosophy of yoga and instils an awareness of the principles and benefits of yoga in her students. Notwithstanding her great respect for yoga, Nivriti’s classes are very enjoyable, thanks to her professionalism, warmth and sense of humour. There is a great variety in the classes, and a strong focus on the importance of the breath and relaxation to balance our exertions. I highly recommend Nivriti’s classes to you.

Jane Williams

I highly recommend yoga with Mystique Moksha. I started doing the on-line classes during the covid lock-down in April 2020. I was really impressed with the interactive way these classes were ran with the students. I have since become a regular attendee in the studio. The classes cater for all levels of experience and all age groups. Nivriti, the owner, is warm and welcoming and makes a special effort to get to know all of her students.

Kelly G

Nivriti's classes are wonderful and I always feel renewed afterwards. The online classes have been excellent and Niviriti still keeps on eye on us to make sure we are doing the postures correctly!

Xanthe Wells

Our Team of Experts


Nivriti is a professional with an
International career spaning 25 years and spent last 16 years in Yoga and Healing.


Troy strives to provide a strong and challenging practice, one that allows students to not only connect within themselves but to also inspire and support each other to be better.


Tika suresh have been practicing for the past 10 years and did my 500 hour Teacher Training under the lineage of viniyoga at the Yoga Institute, Cammery in 2020.


Natasha is vibrant and her beautiful energy brings calmness and peace into her yoga sessions. Since she has been practising yoga with her grandmother in her formative years


Toonie McDougall a certified yoga teacher with over 600 hours of training in Hatha yoga, Yin yoga & Mindfulness, Restorative Yoga, Kids yoga. Toonie is also a Certified Reiki master practitioner.


Mira has been passionate about building and sharing with others a peaceful and open-hearted way of living for over 20 years,Initially with her family and friends and later on with wider community.


Shweta believes in the holistic benefits of yoga for the mind, body, and soul. In her classes, she uses asanas, the physical postures to release the tension from the muscles in the body.


Margie discovered yoga over 15 years ago and found herself returning to it more and more as life’s layers built and corporate desk jobs began taking a toll.


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What is Yoga?

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in ancient India. The word ‘yoga’ originates from the Sanskrit word Yuj, meaning join, yoke, or unite. Yoga is a method of getting a balanced body and a relaxed mind. It includes the breathing activities called pranayama and the physical act of yoga stances called asanas (yoga poses). Yoga likewise incorporates contemplation, self-examination, and knowledge of yoga philosophy.

What are the advantages of yoga?

Yoga can be highly beneficial for those who practice it regularly since it makes our body flexible, powerful, conditioned, and stable. Yoga energizes the body and improves digestion and breathing as well as strengthens the heart and circulatory system. These are just some of the physical benefits of Yoga. By enabling us to concentrate on our energy and empowers confidence within our body, Yoga techniques can support spiritual growth by teaching us how to maintain a sense of calm in difficult situations and understanding compassion towards other people.  

How frequently should I practice yoga?

Many people start with 2-3 classes a week, working towards a daily routine with Yoga. In many cases, you can notice significant differences in your body just after a week of regular yoga practice. If possible, start with two to three sessions a week and work out a plan with your teacher on how to build it into your daily routine.

I have a health condition. Can I do yoga?

Numerous individuals practice yoga as an approach to dealing with their health concerns. There are a variety of yoga classes and asanas to address and work with various physical conditions. However, it is always a good idea consult a physiotherapist or yoga trainer to explain your health concerns and see how to best move forward.

Articles on Yoga

What is Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is the most common type of yoga people do in the western world today. Hatha places special emphasis on slow, measured movements and mindfulness. Generally, the term hatha yoga is used for any type of yoga that combines poses (asanas) with controlled breathing (pranayama). The Yogi usually holds a pause for several breaths.

Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is an exercise that uses breathing techniques and physical postures to develop a better connection between the mind, body and spirit. The word HATHA itself is made up of 2 words: “HA” meaning sun and “THA” meaning moon. The sun is the positive current in our body and the moon is the negative current. Hatha is the balance between the negative and positive.

5 Yoga Asanas (Poses)

Practised for over 4000 years, yoga is a collection of different slow and fast exercise routines and numerous poses (asanas). In this article, we will focus on 5 well-known yoga poses:

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