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Classical Yoga


Yoga is a very prominent form of exercise in this day and age. Many different people participate in the activity, in all of its forms.  Although it is very popular, most people don’t actually understand the origins of Yoga, and all of that it represents. 


Many people also don’t understand that there is many different types of Yoga. One of the most important, and most prominent forms of yoga, is classical yoga.


This article will explore what classical yoga is, the origins behind the concept, and how it is prominent in the world today.


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Meaning of Classical Yoga

Classical yoga means a different thing to different people. It is important to remember that yoga in general is a form of relief. It allows the body and the mind, as well as the spirit, to be calm, and find balance. At the end of the day, this is what a healthy life is about, balance.

Classical Yoga is the same as traditional Yoga. It is the type that is most popular amongst people who practice yoga in this day and age. It involves the use of the system of the eight limbs.

These limbs are Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi. Each one represents a different aspect of yoga, and there are none that are more important than the other.

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The meaning of classical Yoga is not written in stone. If you are seeking for it here, this is unwise. Look within yourself for the answer. Yoga helps unlock the mind, which will help you understand classical yoga in a way that words cannot.


Eight Limbs

There are eight different limbs within the Yoga system when it comes to classical Yoga.


Yama is known in Hindu as a god of death, and the underworld. Yama in less of a literal sense, involves an individual being mindful of their integrity and how they decide to portray themselves and treat others. There are various different Yamas that stress the idea to treat someone how you would like to be treated yourself.

Niyama directly compliments Yama, as it is a limb that focuses on self-discipline. Many people are unsure how to treat others, and lack the self discipline to learn how fix this. The key idea that Niyama wants to portray is to create a healthy environment that will help an individual thrive within it.

The Asana revolves around how an individual places themselves. A perfect Asana posture is one where an individual is both relaxed, but firm. Asana is very important when directly referring to yoga, simply because posture is everything in the activity.

This specific limb focuses on the breathing that is done while participating in the activity. Many people focus to much on the breathing as they believe that this will help them breath better. This is not wise, it is much better to just simply breath naturally, without thinking or forcing anything. Learn how to master your breathing, and yoga, as well as life in general, will become much less stress-free.

This limb involves being able to remove yourself from your senses. Basically, it means that you will be able to gain mastery over any outside forces that may control you. Being able to do this is essential when practicing yoga, as the only way to become truly calm is to allow yourself to be free.

Dharana involves the act of concentration. So many of us don’t know how to properly concentrate, which can be extremely detrimental to our lifestyle. Concentration is one of the most important things in life. You must concentrate when practicing yoga.

Meditation is what Dhyana and the seventh limb is about. Many people underestimate what meditation can do for the soul, as well as the mind. Meditation can be found throughout all of Asian history. It is always important to meditate if there are things that are troubling you.

This last aspect of the system of the eight limbs involves reaching the climax, so to speak. Reaching this phase means that a person has reached their point of focus, and has transcended into enlightenment. Through this phase, an individual should be able to feel a connection with many different things, everything around them. Some may even goes as far to say that Samadhi is the most important limb, but there is no way to fully appreciate the destination unless you look back at the journey.

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