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Yoga Booster for HSC Students

Apr 19, 2023

11:00AM – 1:15PM AEDT


Little stress and nervousness is necessary in life whether it is your HSC or later in the career. However if the stress and tension begins to overwhelm you or to affect your state of mind, work performance, and even your  sleeping patterns, then you need an intervention. With regular Yoga practice, student can be healthy in body and mind and, consequently, excel in his/her academics.

This session will be designed with specific yoga and pranic healing tools to integrate the effects to achieve desired results with relaxed state of mind.


What to expect:

Staying fit and healthy mentally and physically is key to achieve your study goals. How Yoga can help HSC students:

  • Helps in releasing tension and improving their efficiency and outcome.
  • Helps to overcome anxiety and helps in managing stress.
  • Helps in fuelling and sustaining a healthy brain.
  • Invariably improves your memory and concentration levels.
  • Improves Sleep patterns by lowering stress levels.
  • Herbal Tea and Closing Circle with a yoga fun game.
From this workshop, you will gain:

– Deep relaxation for sure with short daily 30 min practice plan to keep yourself to avoid anxiety and improve efficiency.

– An opportunity to slow down, let go and find stillness, yoga techniques leading to greater mental clarity and focus.

– Balancing techniques to achieve daily targets.

This practice is suitable for everybody, even those who have not practised yoga before.


About your teacher:

Nivriti specialises not only teaching but handling teenagers with her great sense of humour, guidance, and nurturing nature. She is passionate about equipping the young adults with a right tools to keep calm as well excel in life. She has been running parent and child and teens yoga sessions for few years now.


Special Instructions

What to bring:

– An iPad or notepad to create your own daily yoga plan.

– Please make sure to have a light breakfast and not eat for at least 2 hours before the workshop.

– Water bottle and come in comfortable clothes for practice.

– Warm clothing e.g., jacket, socks for relaxation and meditation

Please arrive 10 min early.

Since her daughter is in HSC too, whilst helping her daughter manage the stress, she thought of offering Yoga booster for HSC students

See you on the mat. 

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